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We Are What We Are


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WeAreWhatWeArePoster Writer/director Jorge Michel Grau's feature film debut is a trashy little horror exploitation film. Although Grau seems to think that his film's Spanish family of prostitute-killing cannibals represent a cogent diatribe on capitalism; alas, there isn't enough literary rigor to make it happen. The story is set in Mexico City. A man inexplicably vomits up a black substance--perhaps oil--on a public sidewalk before perishing on the spot. The deceased turns out to have been the patriarch of a family comprised of three teenage children and one bitch of a wife. Said father worked at home repairing watches--that is, when he wasn't killing and dragging home hookers that he and his family would eat in an unexplained ritual. With daddy gone, it's up to would-be gay son Alfredo (Francisco Barreiro) to bring home the meat. A pair of lazy corrupt cops go through the motions of investigating the fate of the missing prostitutes. Grau slaps on a post-it sized-life-affirming theme that says, "You are alive." Such shallow dribble merely reaffirms this schlock as a morbid waste of time and energy.

 Not Rated. 90 mins. (D-) (Zero Stars)

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