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How to Live Forever

How-to-live-forever-movie-pChances are you'll come out of director Mark Wexler's entertaining documentary about staving off the effects of aging, just as confused about the fountain –of youth as when you went in. That's not to say, however, that your time will be squandered. Although Wexler slips off the rails at various points with brief forays into things like the sales angles of casket companies or the exploits of an aging Japanese porn actor, he spends valuable time with some very old human beings. At 94 Jack LaLane was as hyperactive as you'd expect from a 25-year-old. Working out for two hours every day of his life and eating his meals from a blender has paid off. Buster is a 101-year-old, beer-drinking smoker who still runs marathons for which he only consumes beer, never water; he doesn't touch the stuff. If the film takes a scattershot path that feels more like you're watching a narrative pinball game than a rigorous work of scientific discovery, so much the better to get a well rounded sense of the many various things that seem to contribute to living a long life. We all know life is a crapshoot but we want to hedge our bets. You could get a few good tips from watching this joyous celebration of the precious seconds we spend on the planet. Who knows? You might want to take an extended vacation to Iceland or Okinawa.

Not Rated. 94 mins. (B) (Three Stars - out of five/no halves)

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