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Girls Against Boys

Girls Against BoysStealing liberally from “Ms. 45” and “Baise-Moi” — two significantly superior female-revenge movies — writer-director Austin Chick still manages to come up half a movie short. The best thing “Girls Against Boys” has going for it is Danielle Panabaker (“Piranha 3DD”). The hot-to-trot actress plays Shae, a college student/bar tender with very poor taste in men. Freshly jilted by her much older boyfriend Terry (Andrew Howard) — after he discloses that he is married with a daughter — Shae gets raped in the hallway of her Manhattan apartment building by a guy who escorts her home after a late night party. Shae teams up with the inexplicably homicidal Lu (played by the alien-looking Nicole LaBiberte) for a male-killing spree wherein neither girl shows any emotion or surprise at the excessive amount of blood they extract from their victims. The filmmakers manage to ratchet up some tension and suspense — but to no significant end. Devoid of humor, style, and any sense of narrative craftsmanship, “Girls Against Boys” is a truly awful rip-off.

Rated R. 87 mins. (D-) (Zero Stars - out of five/no halves)

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