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January 18, 2018



Helen Mirren is always great. I saw her a few months back at the Starbucks at 92nd and 3rd, and she looked great. WINCHESTER could well be the first good movie of 2018. Keep an eye out for my review in early February!

November 11, 2017

HAPPY END — Trailer & Poster


You had me at Michael Haneke. And then you add Isabelle Huppert and Jean-Louis Trintignant, and we've got a very promising movie on hand. Really looking forward to seeing the latest effort from Haneke!


October 24, 2017

PHАNTΟM THRЕАD Trailer — Daniel Day Lewis, Paul Thomas Anderson

September 29, 2017



Here comes one more chance to watch the great Anton Yelchin in one of his last film roles before his untimely death. It doesn't hurt that the film is set in one of the world's most romantic and beautiful cities. I'm really looking forward to seeing "Porto."

September 27, 2017

Natalie Portman In Alex Garland's sci-fi thriller ANNIHILATION

The filmmaker responsible for "Ex Machina" (Alex Garland) seems to be upping his game with his own adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer's novel. Natalie Portman is due for a comeback. Welcome to a world where "the rules of nature do not apply."

Color me curious.

September 19, 2017

D'après une histoire vraie - de Roman Polanski - Bande-Annonce

September 05, 2017

LADY BIRD — Yet Another Gasp of Mumblecore

Greta Gerwig's "Lady Bird," starring Saoirse Ronan (pronounced Ser-Sha, as in Sersha, Sersha, Sersha) finds Gerwig going all semi-autobiographical mumblecore, as if that Godforsaken genre weren't already long dead gone. Let's just say this looks to be an ideal movie for entitled white girls to get all touchy feely over while hiding in blind spots to the rest of society. Yes, yes, yes, here is yet another me, me, me movie that will probably be every bit annoying as "Tiny Furniture." Blech. I feel dirty for even having watched the trailer. Search it out if you must in the upcoming New York Film Festival —September 28 through October 15.

August 28, 2017

Ex Libris: The New York Public Library — Trailer


Included in my list of Most Promising Films of 2017 is this film, Frederick Wiseman's documentary about the New York Public Library. Frederick Wiseman is one of the most gifted and prolific documentarians in the world; this film is a cause for celebration. This is a doc to seek out!

July 27, 2017


Everyone knows clowns are creepy as hell; Stephen King's it promises to be the scariest movie of the year. Boo! Mike and I might just have to include IT in our SHOCKTOBER podcast line-up for LA GRANDE BOUFFE (THE BIG FEAST). The film will be released on September 8. 

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