September 04, 2014

Just Mobile TopGum™

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Just Mobile TopGum™, a sophisticated backup battery, at 2014 IFA.TopGum™ is a travel essential for gadget lovers”" said Nils Gustafsson, Co-founder of Just Mobile. 

Just Mobile Ltd., the leading brand of mobile accessories. Just Mobile products are designed to perform flawlessly; furthermore, they're built to last. 

Just Mobile TopGum™  
The sophisticated backup battery 

TopGum™  is the revolutionary portable power pack from the masters of high-design, high-performance backup batteries. Clad in unibody aluminum, TopGum™ features two unique additions - a built-in, tangle-free Lightning cable and a magnetic recharging dock that makes it easy to refuel the backup battery without fumbling for cables.
With enough capacity to recharge an iPhone three times or top up and iPad mini to 75%, TopGum™ is a travel essential for gadget lovers. And its standard USB connections means you can recharge other USB-powered devices too – or simply refill TopGum’s internal batteries from any USB port when your dock is out of reach. 

  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets and USB-powered devices
  • High-quality 6000mAh battery
  • 4 LED capacity indicators
  • Dual inputs: charging dock (5V/1.5A) and micro USB port (5V/1.5A)
  • Dual outputs: Lightning cable (max. 5V/2.4A) and USB port (5V/1A)
  • Protection from heat, overload and circuit damage
  • Built-in Lightning cable plus USB-to-micro USB cable included

Price and Availability :  USD$79.95, 79.95€, £69.95


July 29, 2014

Shooter Suite 12.5 Update



New PluralEyes 3.5 Released as Part of Shooter Suite 12.5 Update
PluralEyes 3.5 upgrade. Denoiser II. Instant 4K. BulletProof 1.2. Frames. LUT Buddy.

July 29, 2014 – Today, Red Giant has released Shooter Suite 12.5, which includes new versions of two Shooter Suite products: PluralEyes 3.5 and Instant 4K. New to the suite is Denoiser II, Red Giant’s powerful video noise reduction tool. Also included are the recently updatedBulletProof 1.2, as well as Frames and LUT Buddy.

PluralEyes 3.5, the latest update to Red Giant’s automated audio/video sync tool, brings expanded media support, more accuracy, drift correction and more to one of the editing industry’s most popular tools. PluralEyes literally saves hours or even days of audio/video syncing work, by analyzing the audio from all devices and automatically syncing them up with the touch of a button.

“PluralEyes has always been great at taking what came out of your camera and audio devices and making them work together, as is,” said Randon Morford, Shooter Suite product manager. “But there are many issues created in camera that make a sync virtually impossible. In this version, we’ve added a new feature called Drift Correction that allows PluralEyes to actively fix audio/video issues, generated directly in-camera, that can cause an inaccurate sync.” 

Drift correction is a new feature unique to PluralEyes 3.5, and a solution to a problem that plagues many shooters. When filming long clips, cameras can lose sync with audio recorders because their recording speeds don't match precisely. PluralEyes 3.5 can fix this.

An additional focus for this PluralEyes upgrade has been on improving and expanding support for more media types - including improved support for AVCHD cameras, with support for spanned clips. In addition, PluralEyes’ Replace Audio feature now supports many more media types than before, bringing this popular feature to a much larger group of users.

“PluralEyes has revolutionized the way people work on and off set,” said Bruce Sharpe, who originally created the app for his own projects. “On set, it  makes the shoots go faster by freeing up shooters from having to use clapboards or timecode, or for having to account for many cameras’ limitations. At the same time, editors don’t have to pay for that freedom later. PluralEyes removes the time-consuming process of manual syncing that slows editors down, right before post-production. All around, it lets people get projects done more quickly.”

New to the suite is Denoiser II, Red Giant’s powerful video noise reduction plug-in. Denoiser II gives shooters an essential tool for improving the quality of the video they shoot, especially when shooting in low light or at high ISOs.

The Shooter Suite upgrade also includes tools for bringing older or smaller formats onto your large-format timeline. Red Giant Instant 4K, an update to Instant HD, includes speed optimization (up to 3-4X) and new presets geared towards higher resolution formats. Also, Red Giant Frames, a tool used to deinterlace older footage and convert it to 24P, is included as part of the suite.

This all comes on the heel of Red Giant BulletProof 1.2 - a recent, free update for owners of the Shooter Suite and BulletProof. Red Giant BulletProof is the Shooter Suite’s stand-alone application for reliable on-set backup and review of footage. The free update includes support for AVCHD and Canon MXF, opening it up to a world of new, popular cameras. BulletProof 1.2 also includes a new file reference mode to help drastically speed up the process. And, with the release of PluralEyes 3.5, comes BulletProof/PluralEyes integration, making it easy for BulletProof to hand off files to the popular audio/video sync app.

BulletProof also allows you to export your color grading decisions, on set, as LookUp Tables. Red Giant LUT Buddy, Shooter Suite 12.5’s color tool, allows you to bring those LUTs (and those from many other sources) directly to your editing timeline.

All-in-all, this release of Red Giant Shooter Suite delivers more integration, greater camera/format support, and fantastic workflow, speed and accuracy improvements, making it easy to bring your footage from set to post with confidence.

Pricing & Availability
Shooter Suite 12.5 is available now for $399. Existing users of Shooter Suite 12 are eligible for a $99 Upgrade. Learn more:

All Shooter Suite upgrade options can be seen here:

PluralEyes 3.5 is available now for $199. Existing users of PluralEyes qualify for a $79 upgrade. Learn more at

Instant 4K is available now for $99. Existing users of Instant HD are eligible for an update to Instant 4K for $29. Learn more at:

Members of the media are invited to review Red Giant Shooter Suite 12.5 by contacting Anya Oskolkova at

The Red Pledge
Red Pledge is Red Giant’s commitment to customer happiness, with no purchasing hassles. Learn about the Red Pledge guarantee at

About Red Giant
Red Giant is a software company made up of talented artists and technologists who collaborate to create unique tools for filmmakers, editors, VFX artists, and motion designers. Our company culture is focused on finding balance between work and life - we call it “the double bottom line” - this philosophy helps us ignore complexity in favor of building simple tools that yield giant results. Over the last decade, our products (like Magic Bullet and Trapcode) have become the standard in film and broadcast post-production - with over 200,000 users, it’s nearly impossible to watch 20 minutes of TV without seeing our software in use. From our experiences as artists and filmmakers, we aspire to not only to provide tools for artists, but inspiration as well. Watch our films, learn from over 200 free tutorials, or try our software at


PluralEyes 3.5


Denoiser II


Instant 4K

July 10, 2014

Imagineer Systems: mocha Pro 4.0



Imagineer Systems Rolls Out mocha Pro 4.0, the Industry’s Next Visual Effects Blockbuster

Advanced support for native stereo 3D workflows and Python scripting simplify tracking and roto on complex VFX projects


Guildford, UK – July 10, 2014 – Imagineer Systems, creators of the Academy Award-winningmocha® Planar Tracking technology, announced today the release of its flagship visual effects solution, mocha Pro 4.0. Packed with new innovative features that facilities with complex VFX production pipelines will love, mocha Pro 4 offers groundbreaking native Stereo 3D (S3D) workflow capabilities and advanced support for Python scripting. Watch the mocha Pro 4 promo video.

“Visual effects artists working on stereo 3D feature films have been asking for these new features, and we have worked closely with customers to understand and support their workflow,” states Ross Shain, chief marketing officer, Imagineer Systems. “With version 4, we are streamlining many of the complex corrective tasks that come with large S3D projects and expanding the compatibility ofmocha Pro with visual effects applications such as Nuke, Ocula and Adobe After Effects. This allows a wider audience of VFX professionals to tackle some of the more dense effects work such as S3D rotoscoping, motion tracking and object removal.”

mocha Pro 4’s new Stereoscopic 3D workflow lets users quickly analyze differences between right and left camera streams and apply the solved disparity in 2D tracking, 3D camera solving, object remove module and image stabilization. Shain further explains the benefits of the new capability: “In a typical S3D post-production workflow, an early process is to correct the footage – vertical alignment, color and other differences between right and left eyes. With mocha Pro 4’s new stereo workflow, the mocha planar tracking technology has been enhanced for multi-stream image analysis. This automatically detects and keeps track of the difference between both eyes, so tracking and roto tasks can be done on uncorrected footage and disparity offsets are automatically animated. This results in a lot less manual keyframing for both solving tracks and creating articulate roto masks.”

The benefits of mocha Pro 4 also carry over to editors and artists using Adobe’s Creative Cloud tools: Premiere Pro and After Effects. Premiere editors can now paste mocha roto masks directly to their timeline for advanced isolation, blurring and color correction tasks while the new customizable keyboard shortcut interface comes with preset profiles to match After Effects.

Facilities can now deeply integrate mocha Pro 4 into their unique VFX production workflows thanks to newly added support for Python scripting. “With Python scripting, VFX houses can better customize their workflows,” comments Shain. “For example, a facility can use Python scripting to integrate mocha Pro 4 with an asset management system such as Shotgun, Hiero or Generation, seamlessly synchronizing visual effects content and metadata across applications and projects.”Python also allows technical directors to customize and automate mocha Pro tasks, such as sending intensive object removal renders to a background render farm.

mocha Pro 4 Feature Highlights At a Glance

  • mocha’s new Stereoscopic 3D workflow adds unique stereo support to planar tracking, rotoscoping, object removal and 3D camera solving. It also adds the capability to work on uncorrected, native stereo 3D footage.
  • Python scripting support allows facilities to further customize their workflows, integratingmocha Pro 4 deeper into the visual effects production pipe.
  • The customizable keyboard shortcut interface enables mocha Pro 4 users to edit and save customizable keyboard layout or select industry standard keyboard layouts such as Adobe After Effects or Nuke.
  • The improved user interface plus high-resolution retina display support greatly enhances the end user experience.
  • New exports and format handling includes support for Adobe Premiere Pro masks, Nuke 7 Tracker export and improved Nuke Roto exports. Version 4 also improves QuickTime and MPEG support.

Imagineer Systems has also released the new mocha Plus today. For details on this product release, please visit:

Members of the media are invited to review mocha Pro 4 from Imagineer Systems. To request a review license, please contact Anya Oskolkova at For press images, please visit:

Pricing and Availability
mocha Pro 4 is now available on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux with nodelocked or cross platform, floating licensing options. mocha Pro 4 supports Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion, Avid|DS, Assimilate SCRATCH, Autodesk Flame, Smoke & Maya, Boris FX, Eyeon Fusion, HitFilm, Quantel, Maxon Cinema 4D, Red Giant Warp and The Foundry’s Nuke. Upgrades are available starting at $495 USD; new users can purchase mocha Pro 4 on the Imagineer Systems website for $1,495 USD.

Special promotion: all mocha 4 upgrades will be on sale for 20% off list prices for the month of July.

About Imagineer Systems
Imagineer Systems Ltd is the Academy Award-winning developer of visual effects solutions for film, video and broadcast post-production markets. Imagineer Systems has made its mark on such marquee Hollywood blockbuster productions as The HobbitBlack SwanThe Wolf of Wall Street,Transformers, and the Harry Potter series. Imagineer’s desktop product line consists of mocha Pro™ - roto, planar tracking, compositing, and removal utility; mocha Plus - a planar tracking and roto utility designed for After Effects, Premiere and Final Cut Pro users. Imagineer Systems was founded in 2000 and its headquarters is located in Guildford, United Kingdom.

April 24, 2014

Lowel Prime Location LED and Lowel PRO Power LED systems


Lowel Expands Its Family of Professional LED Lighting with Two Outstanding Additions

New Lowel Prime Location LED and PRO Lowel Power LED Debut at NAB 2014




Hauppauge, NY – April 24, 2014 – The Tiffen Company, a leading manufacturer of award-winning digital imaging accessories, today announced two new additions to theLowel family of LED lightsLowel Prime Location LED and Lowel PRO Power LED systems, unveiled at NAB 2014 in booth C8818. “The new Lowel solutions represent our commitment to transitioning to newer technologies in lighting, taking full advantage of these advancements,” states Steve Tiffen, President and CEO, The Tiffen Company. “What sets Lowel apart is the 50+ years of experience in lighting engineering. This expertise is prevalent in all aspects of the new LED solutions, offering customers a versatile, mobile and dependable light source with unparalleled color quality and beam output for capturing the world’s greatest images.”

About Lowel Prime Location
The new Lowel Prime Location LED is designed for lighting in the real world. With high output spread over a wide 50-degree beam angle, this 1x1 LED panel features a very rugged housing and a high IP-65 rating. An IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 65 means Prime Location LEDs can be used in rain, sand or dust storms.

Where most production LED 1x1 panels are manufactured using inexpensive materials with flimsy bodies, the rugged all-metal housing of Prime Location LED makes it perfect for the real world of rental houses and grip trucks.

Its AC connections use Powercon AC bridging between fixtures to reduce the need for multiple AC outlets. Prime Location LEDs also come with your choice of V-lock or Anton Bauer Gold Mount battery plates for DC operation. The lights are available in hi-CRI Daylight, Tungsten or Bi-Color models, and are dimmable without color shift. Their lite diffusion front-piece greatly helps reduce LED multi-shadow.

Light control accessories and kit combinations are available. The Lowel Prime Location LED is perfect for ENG / EFP and the small location studio setups of the real world.

About Lowel PRO Power LED
Lowel PRO Power LED is a compact, focusing light available in hi-CRI Tungsten or Daylight color with impressive output and a wide fresnel 8:1 focus range. Where other LEDs are lower power and therefore need to be used closer to the subject, the PRO Power LED can light from a greater distance, allowing the shooter to get more of the location into the wide shot.

The light is dimmable without color shift, works with either AC power or its proprietary DC accessory battery system, which clamp-mounts to the light stand to improve balance and stability, but can also be used with a shoulder strap for handheld lighting; and has a selection of accessory light control and mounting options. It’s available alone or in kit combinations. The Lowel PRO light is perfect for run & gun ENG or even small location studio setups.

Lowel has always gone the extra mile in quality of design and product manufacturing. Most companies simply make single fixtures, but not lighting kits. Lowel pioneered the concept of location lighting kits, making them as versatile and dependable as possible while keeping the kits compact and easy to travel with.

For more information about Lowel Prime Location and PRO LEDs, please visit

About Lowel-Light
For over 50 years, Lowel’s award-winning lighting innovations have made it easier to transport, set up, control and maintain lighting equipment for professional imaging production. Lowel is considered the world leader in location lighting for its full range of lights, controls, mounts and kits.

About Tiffen
Tiffen has been a leading manufacturer of photographic filters, lens accessories, software, and camera accessories for the consumer/professional imaging and the motion picture and broadcast television industries for 75 years. The company has a rich history of innovative product design, superior optical consistency, and unparalleled quality. Tiffen has been recognized for its product and engineering excellence, earning a Technical Achievement Award and a Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, as well as multiple Emmy® Awards. Today, the company offers a wide range of products, which include: Tiffen® filters, Steadicam® camera stabilizing systems, Lowel® light, Listec® teleprompters, Tiffen Dfx® digital imaging software, Domke® bags, Davis & Sanford® tripods, Zing® camera covers, Stroboframe® flash brackets, Saunders® professional trimmers, and Kodak Wratten® filters. Tiffen continues to enhance its reputation as a leading imaging accessory manufacturer through aggressive growth in the image-making accessory industry.

For more information on Tiffen, please visit

Tiffen is a registered trademark of The Tiffen Company. All other trademarks and products mentioned herein belong to their respective owners. 


Lowel Prime Location LED


Lowel PRO Power LED


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