November 16, 2011

Rid of Me

Rid_of_me"Rid of Me" is a dud. It’s further evidence that the Mumblecore movement is like dog shit stuck to the feet of navel-gazing filmmakers who follow in its steps. Writer/director James Westby shows little promise as a director, much less as a scriptwriter. Filmed on what seems like a toy camera, and with the lighting design of dog house, the movie lacks a single likeable character. Manic depressive Meris (Katie O'Grady) has the personality of an old stinky running shoe. Her Oregon husband Mitch (John Keyser) is a terminal frat boy with the charm and intellect of a flea. Mitch has recently lost his job (shocker), and so the couple road-trip back to his rinky-dink home town where he looks forward to reuniting with his cultureless--read racist idiot--group of best friends. Meris doesn't pretend to try to engage with Mitch's judgmental asshole buddies and their air-headed wives. Still, she wins no audience empathy because she’s such a pill. She takes the group’s advice to avoid a Muslim family she makes friends with on her first day in town. It isn’t until Mitch divorces her that Meris starts to find her voice as a punk rocker inspired by a bi-sexual chic she works with at a local candy store. She could have at least explored her obvious lesbian tendencies, but that would be too much work for such a lazy movie. “Rid of Me” is a great movie to bet a friend that they’ll walk out of in the first 10 minutes. They’ll have the cash to pay up because they’ll demand it from the box office.

Not Rated. 89 mins. (D) (One Star - out of five/no halves)


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