January 08, 2021


Social_dilemmaPotentially life altering. If after watching this mind-opening documentary you don’t break up with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., you will probably still take a much harder view of technologies that are ruining society on a global scale.

If you’re not paying for the app you’re using, then you are the product. So goes the logic that rules the greedy CEOs running big tech. Truth be told, you can pay all you want for YouTubeTV, you’re still the product being raped and pillaged by invisible third parties stealing your data to control you for every minute of your waking life. Fuck with that.


1cIt has taken 10 years of bullshit monetization schemes for many individuals and companies to realize a fraction of the dangers that come with “social media” (sic). There is nothing social about spending your precious life energy staring into a screen rather than interacting with people in your community. Likewise, there is no responsible “media” editorial oversight that comes with the unwritten social media contract. It’s all about twisting expectation.

Just as “content” has taken over as an over-generalization of what constitutes editorially organized and carefully edited ideas, social media has coopted what used to present as "work," something that used to mean a gainfully employed occupation, you know, work.


Spend all day making videos for YouTube, posting your every fart on Twitter, and jousting with mean-spirited assholes on Facebook, and you still won’t make a dime. Every second you spend on social media is a form of working for prison wardens in an abstract area that has little to nothing to do with the real world or who you are in that world.


“The Social Dilemma” is the most important documentary of 2020 if you’re smart and free enough to take its dire message that social media is a Frankenstein monster killing us like insects drawn to it’s grotesque fascination.      

Rated PG-13. 94 mins. 

Four Stars


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