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January 01, 2021


Wild_mountain_thymeJohn Patrick Shanley might not be a household name, but the Oscar-winning screenwriter of “Moonstruck” (1987) has a knack for writing hilarious dialogue for star-crossed lovers. As he did with his stage play “Doubt,” Shanley adapts the screenplay for “Wild Mountain Thyme” to direct the film version.

The play’s pedestrian title “Outside Mullingar” receives only modest improvement with a tame moniker certain to limit “Wild Mountain Thyme” to audiences of a certain age who fuss over which brand of soap they use in the kitchen. It shouldn’t be so. Ignore the sappy title, and keep in mind that Emily Blunt is one of the most capable film actors on the planet. Emily Blunt is as close to a modern day Ingrid Bergman as currently exists in Cinema.


Slapstick pratfalls punctuate this delightful movie set in rural Ireland. Savor Christopher Walken’s best efforts at performing an Irish accent while you dream into this sophisticated romantic comedy about Anthony Reilly (Jamie Dornan), a painfully shy farmer stumbling toward love in the arms of his comely neighbor Rosemary Muldoon (Emily Blunt). Inspired moments of sly humor come in barbs of regional Irish mores, coded language, and expressive ways of skirting emotional issues.


Mature date movies are rare enough to come by as it is. When one this good comes along, it’s time to grab a romantically inclined mate, and settle in for some good old-fashioned simmering Irish passion. Tears and laughs will follow.  

Rated PG-13. 123 minutes. 

Four Stars

December 18, 2020


Ghost_townDavid Koepp's 1998 New York City romcom could improve an amorous relationship, even if it's on a first date. I know one couple that the movie worked out well for. The story may be populated by ghosts, but don't let that put you off; at least one of them is naked.

This offbeat comedy about an Upper East Side dentist with death issues makes the best use of Manhattan's Carnegie Hill locations since "84 Charring Cross Road." The Met, The Carlyle Hotel, and Central Park get plenty of autumnal screen time. Take a NYC vacation without leaving your house.

Téa Leoni and Ricky Gervais are hilarious in this underseen gem. Even malcontents need love. 

Rated PG-13. 102 mins. (A-) 4 ★s

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June 08, 2020


Today's Cole Smithey Film-To-Stream: HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU —This 2009 A-list packed romdramedy plays heart strings and gives sucker punches in equal measure.

You'll pine for the pre-smart phone days when there was a thread of humanity, and the milk of human kindness was something you could find. Drew Barrymore spills with charm in this underrated American comic classic. 


Tears will fall. 


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