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The Transporter: Special Delivery Edition

If slick car chases around the south of France with an international cast of characters is your bag, then the style-over-substance action of "The Transporter" has sparks to spare. Jason Statham ("Snatch") plays a meticulously precise driver and martial arts master who hires out his skills to the highest bidder, until he discovers that his latest package for delivery is a lovely woman (Shu Qi). Dialogue becomes irrelevant as breathtaking action set pieces take over. Be prepared for shoot-outs galore and Jackie Chan-inspired kung fu fights, including one that uses syrup-as-petroleum in a most unconventional way. French cinema sheen master Luc Besson co-wrote the script, and his glossy influence is evident under Cory Yuen's ("Jet Li's The Enforcer") sharp direction. Special features include English, Spanish and French languages, audio commentary by Jason Statham and producer Steven Chasman, unrated fight sequences with optional commentary, a storyboard-to-film comparison and a making-of featurette about "The Transporter 2." Aspect ratio is 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen, with sound processed in Dolby Digital Surround. (Movie - Three Stars, DVD features - Three Stars) Rated PG-13, 92 mins. (20th Century Fox)

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