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June 05, 2023


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Over the years of working as a film critic in NYC, I had many opportunities to interview or meet celebrities. Many Cannes and New York Festivals enabled me to see and meet some of Cinema's finest talents. Here I've compiled a collection of photos I took on those special occasions. Some of these talented people are no longer with us, so it's especially touching to revisit them here.



ColeSmithey.comTHE SMARTEST FILM CRITIC IN THE WORLD, or something quite like it.

ColeSmithey.comCannes, Cannes, Cannes!

ColeSmithey.comLunch with Catherine Deneuve at Cannes — "Persepolis"

ColeSmithey.comGuillermo det Toro & Ivana Baquero in Cannes — "Pan's Labyrinth"

ColeSmithey.comMichelle Monahan & Val Kilmer in Cannes — "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

ColeSmithey.comRobert Downey Jr. & Val Kilmer in Cannes


ColeSmithey.comJean Reno & Audrey Tautou in Cannes — "The DaVinci Code"

ColeSmithey.comNeil Rosen & Cole at the Fox Searchlight Party

ColeSmithey.comAngelina Jolie in Cannes

ColeSmithey.comPenelope Cruz & Pedro Almodovar in Cannes



ColeSmithey.comPeter Bogdanovich in NYC

ColeSmithey.comJason Ritter & Don Roos in NYC — "Happy Endings"

ColeSmithey.comPaul Thomas Anderson & Daniel Day-Lewis in NYC

ColeSmithey.comRichard Linklater & Eric Schlosser in Cannes — "Fast Food Nation"

ColeSmithey.comDavid Cone

ColeSmithey.comAshley Olsen in NYC

ColeSmithey.comWerner Herzog in NYC — "Grizzly Man"

ColeSmithey.comWim Wenders in Cannes — "Don't Come Knockin'"

ColeSmithey.comBruno Dumont in NYC

ColeSmithey.comSam Shepard in Cannes — "Don't Come Knockin'"

ColeSmithey.comQuentin Tarantino in Cannes 2004

ColeSmithey.comNorman Jewison in NYC — "The Statement"

ColeSmithey.comDoug Jones & Richard Jenkins in NYC — "The Shape of Water"

ColeSmithey.comLee Daniels in NYC — "The Paperboy"

ColeSmithey.comTom Hanks in Cannes — "The DaVinci Code"

ColeSmithey.comRon Howard in Cannes

ColeSmithey.comCillian Murphy & Pádraic Delaney — "The Wind That Shakes The Barley"


ColeSmithey.comMathieu Amalric in NYC

ColeSmithey.comIan McKellen in NYC

ColeSmithey.comMalcolm McLeren in Cannes — "Fast Food Nation"

ColeSmithey.comTom Arnold in NYC — "Gardens of the Night"

ColeSmithey.comMichael Keaton in NYC

ColeSmithey.comKeanu Reeves in Cannes — "A Scanner Darkly"

ColeSmithey.comMicky Rourke, Darren Aronofsky, Marisa Tomei — "The Wrestler"



ColeSmithey.comNeil Cohen ("Chief Zabu") on La Grande Bouffe (The Big Feast)

ColeSmithey.comJim Jarmusch in Cannes — "Gimme Danger"

ColeSmithey.comIggy Pop in Cannes — "Gimme Danger"

ColeSmithey.comEthan Hawke in Cannes

ColeSmithey.comScarlett Johansson — "Girl With A Pearl Earring"

ColeSmithey.comElle Fanning in Cannes — "The Neon Demon"

ColeSmithey.comNicolas Winding Refn in Cannes — "The Neon Demon"

ColeSmithey.comKevin Kline in Cannes

ColeSmithey.comAtom Egoyan in Cannes — "Where the Truth Lies"

ColeSmithey.comRachel Blanchard in Cannes — "Where The Truth Lies"


102_0270Audrey Tautou

ColeSmithey.comSir Anthony Hopkins "The World's Fastest Indian"

ColeSmithey.comEmma  Watson

ColeSmithey.comSarah Polley in Cannes

ColeSmithey.comJim Jarmusch in Cannes — "Broken Flowers"

ColeSmithey.comKen Loach in Cannes — "The Wind That Shakes The Barley"

ColeSmithey.comRoger Donaldson — "The World's Fastest Indian"

ColeSmithey.comErrol Morris in NYC — "Standard Operating Procedure"

ColeSmithey.comPaul Thomas Anderson in NYC

ColeSmithey.comBobby Cannavale in NYC

ColeSmithey.comColin Ferrel in NYC — "In Bruges"

ColeSmithey.comAsia Argento

ColeSmithey.comEllen (nee Elliot) Page — "Hard Candy"

ColeSmithey.comMark Ruffalo in NYC — "In The Cut"

ColeSmithey.comWyclef Jean in NYC — "Dirty"

ColeSmithey.comAgnès Jaoui at the New York Film Festival

ColeSmithey.comStew & Spike Lee in NYC — "Passing Strange"

ColeSmithey.comPaul Bettany in Cannes

ColeSmithey.comFormer President Bill Clinton

ColeSmithey.comRobert Kennedy Jr.

ColeSmithey.comJennifer Connelly

ColeSmithey.comClive Owen — "The International"

ColeSmithey.comGreg Kinnear in Cannes

Mai Masri2Mai Masri ("3000 Nights") on La Grande Bouffe (The Big Feast)

ColeSmithey.comNick Stahl — "The Door In The Floor"

ColeSmithey.comStephen King — "The Mist"

IMG_1263Tom Wolfe

ColeSmithey.comCarice van Houten — "Black Book"


ColeSmithey.comKeira Knightley — "Atonement"

ColeSmithey.comJames McAvoy

ColeSmithey.comTalia Lugacy & Rosario Dawson

ColeSmithey.comMichael Pitt

ColeSmithey.comBrady Corbett

ColeSmithey.comSam Rockwell

ColeSmithey.comDanny Boyle

ColeSmithey.comDev Patel

ColeSmithey.comJonathan Waxman

ColeSmithey.comTony Visconti

ColeSmithey.comLeee Black Childers

ColeSmithey.comMatthew Fox & Dennis Quaid

ColeSmithey.comTaylor Sheridan, Chris Pine & Ben Foster in Cannes

ColeSmithey.comChris Pine & Ben Foster in Cannes — "Hell or High Water"

ColeSmithey.comHarvey Pekar in Cannes — "American Splendor"

ColeSmithey.comGeraldine Chaplin in Cannes

ColeSmithey.comRichard Schickel & Geraldine Chaplin

ColeSmithey.comNick Cave — "The Proposition"

ColeSmithey.comWilliam Friedkin in Cannes — "Bug"

ColeSmithey.com Hector Babenco in Cannes — "Carandiru"

ColeSmithey.comOlivier Assayas

ColeSmithey.comNatalie Portman in NYC — "V For Vendetta"

ColeSmithey.comUma Thurman in NYC — "My Super Ex-Girlfriend"

ColeSmithey.comDonnie Wahlberg in NYC

ColeSmithey.comJet Li in NYC — "Unleashed"

ColeSmithey.comTony Jaa in NYC

ColeSmithey.comRobert Forster in NYC

ColeSmithey.comMichael Caine in NYC

ColeSmithey.comChristian Bale in NYC

ColeSmithey.comAaron Eckhart in NYC

ColeSmithey.comDaniel Day-Lewis

ColeSmithey.comCatherine Zeta-Jones in NYC — "No Reservations"

ColeSmithey.comDaniel Radcliffe in NYC

ColeSmithey.comAlly Sheedy

ColeSmithey.comMichael K. Williams & Ally Sheedy — "Life During Wartime"

ColeSmithey.comChristopher Sherwood ("All Is Vanity") on La Grande Bouffe (The Big Feast)

ColeSmithey.comCole with Jason Ritter & Don Roos — "Happy Endings"

Screen Shot 2023-10-01 at 5.34.12 PMMichael Somerville on La Grande Bouffe (The Big Feast)

ColeSmithey.comMichelle Williams at the New York Film Festival — "My Week With Marilyn"

ColeSmithey.comHeath Ledger in NYC — "I'm Not There"


ColeSmithey.comDon Cheadle & Emayatzy Corinealdi — "Miles Ahead"

ColeSmithey.comRick Crom ("Oh, Rick") on La Grande Bouffe (The Big Feast)

ColeSmithey.comMandy Moore & Justin Theroux in NYC

ColeSmithey.comJustin Theroux in NYC

ColeSmithey.comMandy Moore in NYC

ColeSmithey.comMandy Moore in NYC


ColeSmithey.comJohn Cusack

ColeSmithey.comMatthew Fox in NYC — "Vantage Point"

ColeSmithey.comVal Kilmer in NYC


ColeSmithey.comMicky Rourke — "The Wrestler"

ColeSmithey.comVincent Gallo in Cannes — "Brown Bunny"

ColeSmithey.comGuillermo del Toro in NYC — "The Shape of Water"

ColeSmithey.comJohn Doe in Portland, Oregon

ColeSmithey.comIan Hunter in NYC

ColeSmithey.comElvis Costello, Nick Lowe & Robyn Hitchcock in NYC

ColeSmithey.comPete Thomas in NYC

Steve NaiveSteve Naive

ColeSmithey.comMartin Scorsese — "Shine A Light"

ColeSmithey.comKeith Richards & Charlie Watts in NYC — "Shine A Light"

ColeSmithey.comMick Jagger in NYC

ColeSmithey.comCharlie Watts

ColeSmithey.comDaniel Craig in NYC — "Layer Cake"

ColeSmithey.comKimberly Pierce — "Stop-Loss"

ColeSmithey.comCuba Gooding Jr. in NYC — "Dirty"

ColeSmithey.comLeonardo DiCaprio in NYC — "The Departed"

ColeSmithey.comForest Whitaker in NYC — "Panic Room"

ColeSmithey.comGretchen Mol in NYC — "The Notorious Bettie Page"

ColeSmithey.comGael Garcia Bernal in Cannes — "Babel"

ColeSmithey.comAlejandro G. Iñárritu in Cannes — "Babel"

ColeSmithey.comPierce Brosnan at The Essex House

ColeSmithey.comJeremy Workman — "The World Before Your Feet"

ColeSmithey.comOn the Red Carpet in Cannes!

Cozy Cole



April 29, 2017


Cole at the Warhol

During my recent visit to Pittsburgh, we visited The Andy Warhol Museum. What fun! If you're ever in Pittsburgh, be sure to walk across the river. I should mention that the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel is a great place to stay; you've got a clear view of Pirates baseball games! 

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